Baofeng UV-5X GMRS Walkie-Talkie Review

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After waiting for months I finally got my hands on the new Baofeng UV-5X GMRS radio. The UV-5X is basically a UV-5R with the rules for FCC Part 95E compliance baked-in. This means less programmability, preset GMRS channels, preset repeater channels, preset power-output levels, and the inability to transmit on any frequencies outside of the GMRS band.

Unfortunately this first generation of UV5X GMRS radios has some serious flaws, and out of the box, is basically defective as it does not work as advertised. Baofeng have released a firmware update that reportedly resolves these issues, but you can only apply this firmware update from a Windows based computer. So if you use Linux, a Mac, or a Chromebook, you are S.O.L.

Baofeng marketed a radio a few years ago with the same “UV-5X” name, so the new GMRS version should not be confused with that radio. I would love to know the reasoning behind this, as to the normal person this is extremely confusing. Maybe they had too many “UV-5X” stickers laying around and they thought nobody would notice if they re-used them.

See below for my video review of the new UV 5X GMRS radio by Baofeng:

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1 thought on “Baofeng UV-5X GMRS Walkie-Talkie Review

  1. Peter D says:

    OK, I’d like to update my findings with the UV-5X. Even with the updated firmware and new programming software there’s still a real issue. You simply cannot enable transmit on any memory slot beyond the GMRS channels allocated.

    This means you cannot use their garbage software to duplicate GMRS repeater pairs with different tones, or simplex GMRS channels that have a DCS code or CTCSS tone stored in a new memory slot. You can put whatever RX frequency you want in any memory slot but the TX frequency field is locked out in their crippleware software. HOWEVER! You can hack the .xml file to write whatever values you want. Save the XML file, load it in their programming software and write it to the radio. I did this for one of my Jeep club’s tone-squelch channels and a bunch of ham frequencies as well. Works perfectly.

    发射频率=”462.5500″ <<– This is the Transmit frequency
    哑音编码="D065N" < <<– This is what shows in the display


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