Cougar Buttes – New Years 2016

On January 1, 2016 the NotaRubicon joined up with Jeep Girl “IH8RDS” Lori Graves at Cougar Buttes. ┬áThe plan was to do some “gentle” wheeling that everyone could easily get through, including the stock Jeeps that came along.

Jeeps at Cougar Buttes
The group

One of the best looking rigs was the “fire Jeep” owned by Rick Primeau.

Rick Primeau's Jeep
The Fire Jeep!

Jeep Girl, Lori Graves is ready to roll.

Jeep Girl Lori Graves in her Jeep
Lori is ready to roll!

Christina keeping warm in the NotaRubicon

Christina keeping warm in the NotaRubicon
It’s cold outside!

Jeep Girl (iH8RDS) can’t keep off the rocks.

Jeep Girl iH8RDS Lori Graves in her Jeep
Jeep Girl climbing a rock – “Hi” !


Jeep on a rock at Cougar Buttes
Mark doing some crawling


John Sears and his white Jeep Rubicon
John next to his Rubicon

Toward the end of the day we came across this yellow buggy that was having some trouble climbing a steep crevasse. He was stuck on his side for almost an hour before his buddies finally winched him out.Buggy stuck at Cougar Buttes


It was a great time with a great group!Standing at Cougar Buttes, Ca

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was a blast! ! Let’s go do it again! !


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