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Cactus Flat and Rattlesnake Canyon [Easy / Beginner]

October 12, 2019 @ 9:30 am - 6:00 pm


UPDATE:  See everyone Saturday morning! A few of us will be meeting at the Valero at Hwy 247 and Hwy 18 at 8:45A and driving to the meeting spot from there

This will be an easy off-road run from Cactus Flat OHV area near Baldwin Lake, through the mountains and out Rattlesnake Canyon.  This is an easy run – perfect for beginners and easy for any stock 4×4 vehicle.  We will encounter a few rough/rutted areas, some sandy spots, a couple of tight squeezes and one or two steep hills, however much of the run will be on fairly well-maintained forrest-service roads.  Along the way we will stop to see a few abandoned cabins and have lunch at a natural spring area (Vaughn Spring). We plan to finish the day in Landers/Johnson Valley, (HERE), hopefully before dark.  The entire run, start to finish is approximately 25 miles.

THIS RUN IS PARTIALLY SPONSORED BY JustInCaseRescue.com – Are you prepared for the unexpected when you are off-road? You should be!  We will have a few Just In Case Emergency Kits at the meetup for sale at $10 off the retail price.  If you want to order an emergency kit online instead, use the coupon code: NOTARUBICON for $10 off the retail price and free shipping!

A few notes about this run:

  • Bring plenty of food, water, and snacks. It will be a long day.
  • Pets are welcome but for the safety of your animal and others, please maintain full control of your animal at all times.
  • Drinking on the trail (and at lunch) is frowned upon and is very highly discouraged
  • There are NO BATHROOMS along this entire route. We will have to make due with bushes and rocks
  • You are challenged to bring out at least 1 piece of trash/litter that you find along the trail
  • This will be a long day. We plan to finish before dark, but off-roading is always an adventure and it is impossible to predict what could happen along the way. If you need to be home by a certain time, this run may not be for you.



We will meet at the Cactus Flat OHV area, located HERE at 9:30AM and will roll-out shortly after. Please plan your route to include enough time for fueling up in town and airing-down at the meetup spot. If you are late we cannot hold up the entire group.

NOTE about the meetup area: There are two roads that lead into the OHV area. It is recommended that you do NOT go down “Cactus Road” from Hwy 18 as we have received reports that it may not be safe for new off-roaders. We recommend entering the OHV area using THIS ENTRANCE FROM HWY 18. From there it is approx 1.5 miles on flat, dirt road, to the OHV area.

Click here for a map to the meetup spot: Cactus Flat OHV Area

UHF: 462.575
FRS: Ch16
CB: Ch16 (You still use a CB!?  – click here to get a “preferred” radio! )
Click HERE to learn more about this new type of radios


Scroll down to the RSVP section to sign up for this run. Please post any questions in the comment section at the bottom.


NOTICE: Off-roading is an inherently risky hobby. By voluntarily driving on this trail you agree that you understand there are significant risks and dangers, including the potential for serious injury, paralysis, and/or death, as well as the potential for loss or damage to your vehicle and other personal property.
By attending this outing you also agree that you understand the risks include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, weather, temperature, equipment, vehicular traffic, and actions of others, including other participants and volunteers.
You also agree to take all precautions, including the use of safety gear and proper equipment to avoid or reduce these risks, but understand that these risks do exist.


Post any questions in the comments below


October 12, 2019
9:30 am - 6:00 pm
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The NotARubicon!


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9 thoughts on “Cactus Flat and Rattlesnake Canyon [Easy / Beginner]

  1. George W Kropp says:

    I have a BAOFENNG but its been a long time since I used it. I forgot how to setup the 440 frec. Can you give me some tips. I have a 2 meter in my Jeep. KF6PPR

    1. Randy says:

      Hi George. The frequency we use (462.575) is in the GMRS band, so you wont be able to get that on your 2-Meter. I can set your Baofeng for your at the meetup, but it’s pretty easy – just hit the VFO/MR button to get into frequency mode, then just enter the frequency 462.575 on the keypad.

      1. David Gayle says:

        Will any GMRS radio work as some do not have a key pad? For example a Midland MXT400.

        1. Randy says:

          Yes! GMRS channels/frequencies are standard, so any will work. Our official channel is GMRS CH16 ..

          1. Randy says:

            That’s correct – FRS and GMRS share several frequencies, including this one.. that is one of the reasons we use 462.575 because it will work on both FRS and GMRS radios.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Victor Valley 4 Wheelers jeep club is having it’s Fun in the Desert paid event this coming weekend. I’m just letting you know that on Saturday they have a run with a group of jeeps going up Rattlesnake Canyon starting in the morning.


    1. Randy says:

      Thanks for the headsup Cliff! We wont be hitting the Rattlesnake Canyon area until afternoon but we’ll keep an eye out for them.


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