Rattlesnake Canyon 4X4 Trail – Review & Free GPS (.gpx) File Download

This video is a full guide and review of Rattlesnake Canyon near Landers/Johnson Valley, CA.

Rattlesnake Canyon is an easy off-road trail that starts at Old Woman Springs Road/Hwy 247 in Landers CA, and winds its way up into the back-side of Big Bear approximately 12 miles from Highway 247. Much of the trail is flat and easy dirt road but there are a few sandy areas and some washed-out rocky spots, however any 4×4 truck should have no trouble driving this trail.

Rattlesnake Canyon Start & End Locations

Free GPS (.GPX) file download of Rattlesnake canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon .GPX Track File

This .GPX track file starts just off of Hwy 247/Old Woman Springs Road and follows Rattlesnake Canyon Road to the end of the canyon, near Big Bear, CA.

Size: 214KB
Version: Version 1.0

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