Summit Valley aka Honda Valley 4×4 Area Trail Review

We found what we think might be the best off-road and 4×4 area for beginners to learn and practice in Southern California.

This area is in Hesperia about 15 minutes from Interstate 15, between Highway 173, Summit Valley Road and Arrowhead Lake Road in Hesperia.  Most people call this area Summit Valley although the City of Hesperia now refers to it as “Tapestry” or “The Tapestry Project” as they are planning on developing much of the area. This place is popular with ATV and motor-cyclers, and they call this area “Honda Valley”. This is not really a single trail, its actually dozens, if not hundreds of short trails and roads crisscrossing this entire area – you will find something for every off-road skill level here from flat dirt road, to moderate rock crawling and hills ranging from mild to horrifying.

In this video we show you some of the easy dirt road areas, a few of the hills and some of the rocky canyons as we go from the starting point just off Arrowhead Lake Road and make our way over to “The Bluffs” that overlook the Mojave West Fork river.

3 thoughts on “Summit Valley aka Honda Valley 4×4 Area Trail Review

  1. Tony Wilkie says:

    So the date for the easy run is the 29th
    What time and where is the meet up spot?

  2. C.M. says:

    FYI this is not an approved offroad area . It is illegal to offroad in Honda Valley. People do offroad here but you are not supposed to. You may end up getting a ticket.


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