The Gatekeeper At Spark-plug Canyon in Stoddard Wells

“Sparkplug Canyon” is a new (to us) Jeep trail located about 1.5 miles south of Stoddard Wells Road, roughly mid-way between Highway 247 and Interstate 15 near Barstow.  The trail is short and runs up the canyon and across the mountain ridge, then drops back down to Stoddard Wells Road about 2.5 miles away.

No doubt this trail has other names, but since we were not able to find the trail mentioned anywhere online we decided to call it “Spark Plug Canyon” after finding an old spark plug on the side of the trail. This is not a popular or well-traveled 4×4 trail and in many areas the trail is completely over-grown.  Most of the trail is easy but “The Gatekeeper” at the start of the trail is very difficult, with large boulders in a moderate incline.

The gatekeeper is located at 34°42’27.9″N 117°04’31.5″W

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