Be Ready For Our Next Off-Road Event!


CB radio is dead and “GMRS” is becoming the new communications standard for off-roading and all NotARubicon run communications are now on GMRS Channel 16 – Everyone attending any of our public events must have a GMRS or FRS radio

If you already have a Baofeng UV-5R or similar radio, just set it to frequency 462.575 – although technically not legal to use on GMRS frequencies even if you have a GMRS license, we wont ask if you don’t tell!

If you need an inexpensive GMRS radio, we recommend the BTech GMRS V1 – The GMRS V1 by BTech is a fully-legal, FCC Part 95E compliant long-range GMRS hand-held radio capable of communicating 10-15 miles (in ideal conditions). To use a radio like this you will need a GMRS license, which is quick and easy to purchase (NO TEST!) – A 10-year GMRS license for your entire family costs only $70. For step-by-step instructions on getting your GMRS license, click here: How To Purchase Your GMRS License

If you are not sure that you want to throw your CB into the trashcan just yet or don’t want to spend the money for a “full GMRS” radio and a license, then we recommend a low-cost “bubble wrap” family-radio such as the Radioddity Walki-Talki. The Radiooddity FS-T2, is 100% legal to use, is very simple and easy to use, and requires no license – however the range is only about a half-mile – and a set of two only costs about $35. Just set it to Channel 16, and you’re set!

KG-1000G GMRS Mobile Radio

Finally, if you want to replace your mobile CB radio with a full-power GMRS radio with a 50+mile range, then we recommend the Wouxun KG-1000G 50 Watt GMRS Mobile Radio. The KG-1000G is similar to a HAM radio, but but much easier to use — The lower-cost 20-watt Wouxun XS20G is also a good choice for a mobile radio. No HAM license is required for either of these radios – but you will need a GMRS license, which as mentioned above is very easy to purchase and is good for your entire family, for 10 years

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49 thoughts on “Be Ready For Our Next Off-Road Event!

  1. Jorge Vazquez says:

    Berdoo Canyon, or Old Dale Road, but really I will go anywhere. Thanks guys!

  2. Jorge Vazquez says:

    Old Dale Road, but really I will go anywhere. Thanks guys!

  3. Jason says:

    I’d love to run the jack rabbit trail! I’ve been wanting to try that trail for years now. Cheers!

  4. Trisha Tiffany says:

    Berdoo or Red Canyon to Bridge

  5. Mike B says:

    Cleghorn. Easy fire road for beginners plus multiple short offshoots for extra credit!

  6. Todd says:

    Anza Borrego Sandstone canyon (I think)

  7. Manny Pedroso says:

    Are you guys just I keep group, I have a four wheel drive Ford Ranger.

  8. Albert L says:

    Wheeling around or to Big Bear. Dinner in town? Dispersed camping somewhere we figure out that day. 3/4 day wheeling for those that want to do so on Sunday. Do same around Mammoth

  9. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    Sunbonnet Trail
    Johnson Valley

  10. Georgeo says:

    Red Canyon Sounds G R E A T !!! 🙂

  11. Roger Ramirez says:

    Any where’s fine, let’s go have some fun.

  12. Steven Arnett says:

    North of Barstow, XB-70 crash site, Rainbow Canyon, Painted Rocks along Fort Irwin Road

  13. Dawn Fulkerson says:

    Red Canyon to the bridge please!

  14. Ben Sanchez says:

    First; this is fantastic. The proper way to organize and promote safety. Many thanks to Notarubicon.

    Second; I believe it is best to list a number of trails. Let’s say 5 for the purpose if this discussion. Like this:
    a. Red Canyon
    b. Berdoo
    c. Calico
    d. Cougar
    e. Other

    And then let’s the Jeepers pick from those list

    For me….Any but no Cleghhorn


  15. Callum says:

    I have always wanted to do old dale road but open for whatever the group does. I drive a 1999 TJ that is basically stock. My girlfriend drives a land rover discovery sport and wants to join.

  16. The new guy in a taco says:

    What’s the word? Where are we going and when? November is creeping up and it’s hard to get someone to call commit to cing with me if they don’t know where, or more importantly, when we are going.

  17. david peralta says:

    Do you guys have a place and date already Im very interested in participating in this event

  18. Sherry Foley says:

    Anybody want to camp after the Red Canyon Run? Leave on Sunday. Thx, Sherry 🙂

  19. Barry D says:

    Any need to RSVP or just show up? New to the Jeep world and want to get it on the trails.


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