Go Topless Day 2017 – Cleghorn!

California Go Topless Day 2017
The 10th Annual Go Topless Day Southern California Jeep Run!

Southern California 2017 Go Topless Day Jeep Run!

Join us on Cleghorn for the 10th Annual GO TOPLESS DAY!

Cleghorn is a great trail for both beginners and more advanced off-roaders. The trail is mostly smooth fire road but there are several offshoots that range in difficulty from mild to moderately challenging that include steep, rutted, and off-camber hill climbs, narrow, steep, and rocky downhills. If you don’t like the way an offshoot looks just go around it on the fire road!
We will have two leaders for this run, a “Beginners” leader which will take everyone through the less challenging areas and a “More experienced” leader which will lead those willing through the more difficult sections.

We will be rolling out no later than 10:30AM so get there early enough to air down/disconnect. We should be finishing at Highway 138 near Silverwood Lake around 4PM.

Be sure to bring plenty of water along with snacks/lunch and dress appropriately.


There are no bathrooms on this trail

Any stock 4×4 Jeep or truck with high clearance can do this trail.
Disconnecting swaybars is not required unless you are planning to hit the rocky/rutted sections.
Airing down is not required but it will help smooth the ride on the bumpy road sections and will help if you go up some of the rocky sections.
CB Radio IS REQUIRED** unless you plan on taking all of the difficult routes. If you do not have a CB radio you will miss the warnings of difficult areas.
STAY WITH THE GROUP** If you choose to leave the group you will be on your own. If you get stuck or lost, the group will not be able to come help/save you.

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time: 10:00AM
Meet-up location: Summit OHV Staging area
Directions: Exit Interstate 15 at Highway 138. Follow Highway 138 (toward Silverwood Lake) 3.7 miles to the Summit OHV Staging area sign. Follow the dirt road half a mile to the large staging area. Click here for a map-link:

** Ending location: We plan on finishing around 4PM on Highway 138 next to Silverwood Lake, here:

** Comms: CB Ch 16

If you are on Facebook please see our event page here: 2017 Go Topless Day Run – Southern California

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