Last Chance Canyon Winter 2019

One of our favorite easy/beginner off-road runs is “Last Chance Canyon” located just off Highway 395, not far from Ridgecrest. We always start in Goler Gulch, go up through “The Narrows”, Mormon Gulch and stop at Holland Camp for photos.

Just beyond The Narrows we like to stop and play on one of the few extra-credit spots along the trail – a fairly difficult 2-step ledge.

The NotaRubicon On the Extra Credit Section

After making our way across the flats we stopped to check out the old cabin at Holland Camp and while taking pictures we got buzzed by two small private planes, which then proceeded to land on EP15 right in front of us. The pilots walked over and checked our our Jeeps then climbed back into their airplanes and took off, using the muddy road, EP15 as their runway.

From there we followed EP15 to Bickel Camp, and then started down Last Chance Canyon.

Bickel Camp looking toward Schmidt Tunnel
Pucker-Peggy coming down Graduation Hill

Our final stop was at the infamous “V-Notch” of Last Chance Canyon. This extra-credit spot is a long, deep notch. It’s not technically difficult, but one wrong move and you will drop into the V-notch resulting in body damage or worse.

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  1. Peggy Marty says:

    Great photo’s and video of a perfect day!


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