New Rock Crawling Trail – “Apple Crush”

“Apple Crush” is a new rock-crawling trail in the Stoddard Valley area not very far from Apple Valley. This trail has also been named “The Hills Have Eyes Trail” by groups that have run it in the past.

Apple Crush,The Hills Have Eyes trail is a short black diamond trail – just under one mile long. There is an optional ‘gate keeper’ at the start of the trail, but because of how difficult the gate-keeper is most people go around it (we went around!). The trail is all flat and runs through a narrow wash, except for the very end where there is a moderately steep hill with a deep V-notch to climb out of the wash and back up to the roads. On the day of this video the rocks were covered with ice and snow in many areas and the wet sand and mud from water run-off from the snow made it a bit more difficult than if it were dry.

We took 5 Jeep Wranglers through this new trail: The Notarubicon, a 4-Door JKU (manual transmission), two Jeep TJs, both manual transmissions and two Jeep Wrangler JKs (2 door) with automatic transmissions. We started at approximately 10:00AM and finished after 3PM.

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