Seven Oaks Road to Slide Lake Campground

We tried to get away from the heat of the city and went on an easy off-road (dirt road) drive from Highway 38 just below Big Bear, west on Forest Service Road 1N45 – also known as Seven Oaks Road, over to Slide Lake Campground at the end of Forest Service Road 1N64A. This was an easy drive and we stopped to play in the streams several times along the way. The quick video below shows how beautiful the San Bernardino National Forest is even in the heat of summer.

Seven Oaks Road is a fairly well maintained dirt road and we saw several 2-wheel drive vehicles along the way. The road to Slide Lake Campground, 1N64A is very steep and very narrow. In a few places 1N64A is off-camber and loose, and there are many long stretches that are over-grown with brush and thistle and (bad) pin-stripes are guaranteed. While Seven Oaks Road (1N45) is perfect for beginners and is a very easy dirt-road, 1N64A is recommended for more experienced off-road drivers.

Beautiful Views of Seven Oaks Road and Slide Lake Campground

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