Using Zello On The NotARubicon GMRS Repeater Gateway

The NotARubicon Inland Empire GMRS Repeater is linked to the Zello Network – This means that you can listen to, and talk on our GMRS repeater from anywhere in the world using your phone or computer. Below are some quick tips on using Zello and answers to common questions & issues. For more information about the NotARubicon GMRS Repeater, please click HERE.

Zello GMRS repeater connection
  • How do I get Zello on my phone? You can download Zello for iOS or Android from the app-store on your device
  • How do I get Zello on my PC? You can download Zello for Windows from the Zello website
  • Who can listen to the repeater? Anyone!
  • Who can talk on the repeater? You must have a GMRS license in order to receive authorization to talk to other users/transmit on the repeater.
  • What will I hear on this channel? You will hear other Zello users from around the world and people in Southern California transmitting on the “NotARubicon” (aka “Ranchino”) repeater – You will also hear people using the “Oaks” and “Chino” repeaters which are other Southern California GMRS repeaters that are linked to the NotARubicon/Ranchino GMRS repeater. From time to time you may also hear some local “simplex chatter”.
  • Who can I talk with on this channel/repeater? You can talk to anyone on the planet that is also in the Zello channel, and you can talk to anyone in the Southern California “Inland Empire” area that is using the NotARubicon/Ranchino GMRS Repeater, the “Oaks” repeater or the “Chino” repeater.
  • How do I find/add the Zello Channel? The Zello-channel for the repeater is “Notarubicon GMRS 700 Repeater” (without the quotes). In the channels-section of Zello click the Add Channel button and enter/search for “Notarubicon GMRS 700 Repeater” (no quotes) – you must type it in EXACTLY as shown. Then add/enter the channel.
  • How do I get “trusted”/approved to talk/transmit? If your GMRS callsign is listed on your Zello profile, you will usually be approved/”Trusted” a short time after entering the Zello repeater channel – if you do not become “trusted” automatically, please press the “Talk” button on your app and ask for approval (only moderators will hear you) – you must give us your GMRS license callsign to be approved. If no moderator is online, you may have to wait for one to show up. Until you become “trusted”, only moderators can hear you.
  • Tips for talking on Zello/the repeater: To talk (after you have been “trusted”/approved) press and hold the TALK button on the Zello app – be sure to press/hold the button firmly and WAIT for approximately 1 second after you hear the ‘beep’, then speak clearly and loudly. To end your transmission, let go of the talk-button.
  • Low Talkers & Long-Talkers: “Low talkers” will be disconnected if the app cannot “hear” what you are saying, so be sure to speak loudly and clearly. “Long talkers” will be disconnected from the repeater after talking for 30 seconds – please keep your transmissions short and to the point. Long pauses while you figure out what you want to say are not compatible with this system. PLEASE keep your conversations short so others can get a word in once in a while.
  • Etiquette: This is a G M R S repeater – not a HAM repeater, a police radio, or a encrypted military communications device – This repeater is for normal people so the use of “Alpha” codes (“Alpha”, Bravo, Zulu, etc) instead of normal english letters (A, B, Z, etc) is strongly DISCOURAGED as is the use of any other ham-like language or practices. The use of a Roger-Beep on your radio, although optional, is highly encouraged! .. HAM operators say goodbye by saying “73’s”.. On GMRS we say goodbye by saying “69’s” ..
  • THIS IS A PUBLIC REPEATER! This Zello channel is linked to the NotARubicon GMRS repeater as well as two other local linked repeaters. When you talk on this Zello channel, you are also transmitting to over 900 square miles of the Inland Empire in Southern California on GMRS Repeater Channel 29/462.700. As with all public airwaves and internet conversations, you should have zero expectation of privacy and anything you say will be heard by anyone listening and may be recorded by randos on the internet or by anyone monitoring the airwaves.
  • What are the rules? Rule #1 – Don’t be a dickhead. Rule #2 – Follow all FCC guidelines relating to GMRS use. Anyone violating either of these two very simple rules will invited to leave.
  • Religion, politics and COVID vaccinations: Because it has been scientifically proven that discussing these topics with strangers is a waste of time, the discussion of these topics is highly discouraged.
  • Bounces & Muting: The channel has a Admin-Bot that may ‘bounce’ or ‘mute’ long-talkers that have been talking for too long in one transmission, or too much over several minutes. Un-Trusted accounts will also be bounced periodically and any accounts logged in for long periods may also get bounced. If “bounced”, you will need to reconnect to the channel. If “Muted” you will be in time-out for a few minutes. Please use this time go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine and reflect on allowing other users to get a word in edgewise once in a while. If you get bounced/muted please don’t come back and complain as the the Admin-Bot has no soul, no feelings, and it does not care if your feelings are hurt. Sadly, the Admin-Bot is also stupid, and it makes mistakes from time to time, so if you get bounced or muted for no reason, you will just have to chalk-it up as “one of those things”. Note that during “off hours” (see “Repeater Hours” below), the Admin Bot is much more lenient.
  • Blocking / Banning: Users are blocked/banned manually by the human moderators in the channel. If you get blocked or banned then you have made it clear to everyone that you do not know how to play-nice, and we don’t want you here, so take the hint and go away.
  • Adjusting your audio: If other users report that you are too loud or “hot” or too low/quite, even when speaking loudly/clearly/into your phone/computer mic, check the Zello audio-settings in the app and adjust them as needed. If others report that they hear a “clicking” sound when you talk, please speak louder or turn UP your microphone gain setting in the Zello app.
  • Repeater hours: The gateway between the repeater and the Zello network is enabled between 6AM and 11:30PM (California time). During off-hours the Zello channel is still open and can be used to talk to other Zello users in the channel – only the connection to the repeater is disabled during off hours.

Tell us where you are! Once approved and in the channel/on the repeater please say hello and tell us who you are and your location so we can add you to our map. If you don’t hear a moderator reply that “you have been mapped”, please leave your callsign and city/state in the comments/reply section below.

If you have any questions about how to use Zello, please consult Google or Zello Support. For questions or issues using our channel/repeater, please leave a comment/reply below.

21 thoughts on “Using Zello On The NotARubicon GMRS Repeater Gateway

  1. Sam Gardali says:

    I enjoy watching your “No BS” youtube videos! I own the PISMO 625 repeater up north that covers the Santa Maria Valley. I am interested in linking my system to Zello but am struggling to figure out how to do it. I don’t want to use a VOX interface, is that what you are using or are you connecting directly to your repeater? I’ll give you a shout next time I’m passing through Socal on my way to the desert.
    Sam Gardali WQYC521

    1. Randy says:

      I didnt want anything physically connected to the repeater so I am using a KG-905G connected to RadioTone RoIP3, connected to a laptop running Zello in “Gateway Mode”.. it took a LOT of tinkering and troubleshooting but I finally have it dialed in fairly well. The RoIP3 means that the KG-905 is not using VOX, but because I cant get Windows to recognize when the RoIP3 keys up, Zello still uses VOX – but it all works.

      1. Sam Gardali says:

        I checked out the ROIP3 (Zello) interface, I didn’t think you would need a computer if you used it, just a radio tuned to the GMRS repeater channel connected to the ROIP3?

        1. Randy says:

          The RoIP3 has to be plugged into a phone or a computer running Zello.. The model that doesnt need a phone/computer is more expensive

  2. Richard Daverson says:

    OK, I got the ole zello app, signed-up and got the link for the repeater. I’ve called for testing and no one responds. wrjh548 is my call sign.

    1. Randy says:

      As mentioned on the page above, if your GMRS callsign is not listed on your Zello profile, you will have to talk/call out and ask a moderator to approve/trust you. If there happen to be no moderators listening, you will have to keep trying until one hears you. Until then, nobody else will hear you.
      For best/fastest results, add your GMRS callsign somewhere on your Zello profile.

  3. Ray Epperly says:

    I’m now connected via Zello and I do not hear a squelch tail on the repeater. Is there one.

    1. Randy says:

      You may sometimes hear the 1.5-second hang-time on the repeater but only for local repeater-users, you wont hear it when other Zello users are transmitting.

  4. Ray Epperly says:

    Ray Epperly. WRKR217. Located in Fuquay Varina NC. 27526

  5. Michael says:

    Just found this info on using the Zello app with the nice repeater Randy kindly set up. Got Zello downloaded and spoke to 2-3 guys already. Looking forward to more time chatting with folks. Thank you Randy for your hard work. This is Michael from East Tennessee (along I-40 near the N. Carolina line).

    new GMRS user
    Wouxun KG 905g

  6. Bill says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work Randy!
    William Wilson GMRS: WROE 252
    Woodstock, Georgia 30188

  7. leif021 says:

    Leif Johnson WRMW915 Nordheim Tx 78141


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