Beginners “Jackrabbit” Jeep Run

On January 30 2016 The NotARubicon led a group of about 25 Jeeps and other off-road vehicles from Wrangler Forum and SCOR+ through the “Jackrabbit Trail”.

The Jackrabbit trail was originally named the “bunny trail” by our friend Phil who first led us through it last year. Phil named it the “bunny trail” because it is mostly flat dirt road, but Phil took an unexpected left-turn on the trail which brought us down “Horror Hill”.  “Horror Hill” combined with one other very rutted and steep hill upgraded the trail from very easy “bunny rabbit” trail to a slightly more difficult “jackrabbit” trail.  Even though The NotARubicon’s GPS went wonky and we never found that second steep, rutted uphill section, we did make it down Horror Hill.

The Jackrabbit trail begins near Helendale on National Trails Highway, winds north-east through the hills toward interstate 15 in the Stoddard Wells area, then turns back south-west behind the cement factory/mine and “Antenna Hill”, finally coming down the sandy wash and finishing near Oro Grande.  Normally this trail would take 4-5 hours to complete but between getting lost and one breakdown on the trail this run took about 5-6 hours and we finished right at sunset.

We did not plan on making a full “production” video but we did get some good photos, mostly of the kids and were able to get a bit of video of everyone making up and down a few of the hills. Scroll to the bottom for the video.

If you would like a full-size, high-resolution copy of any the photos please send an email to describing which one you would like.


SCOR member Jeep in front of a mine near Victorville
Exploring near one of the large mines


Randy Brown, the pilot of The NotARubicon
The NotARubcon Pilot, Randy

Little girl and mother having fun in the desert

John Sears and Christina

SCOR member's truck at sunset

Little girl at sunset on a SCOR truck

Little boy at sunset above Oro Grande

Girl at sunset near Oro Granda, CA

Little boy looking cool at sunset in the hills above Oro Grande, CA

airing up at sunset


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