John Bull Trail Guide

This is a complete guide for the John Bull Jeep trail in Big Bear California (Forest Service Route 3N10) which is rated as “Black Diamond”. In this video we take you through every hard section, show you every big rock and every turn on the entire trail starting at the east-side gatekeeper (aka “THE John

Sedona Jeep Trail Scenery

While staying in Sedona, Arizona we took the Jeeps up Schnebly Hill Road for some beautiful views, then over to Broken Arrow Trail and Greasy Spoon Jeep Trail. We were on vacation so did not get a lot of video but got enough to put together these clips.

Jeep Go Topless Day At Cleghorn In 4LO

For Go Topless Day 2017 we took a group of over 60 Jeeps to Southern California’s Cleghorn Ridge Trail. Cleghorn is a very narrow trail / road and maneuvering this many Jeeps through the 15 mile trail was quite the challenge! We ran into a few challenges and a few break-downs but everyone made it