The Mojave Megaphone, Afton Canyon and “Spooky Cave”

Quick video near Afton Canyon. We check out Spooky Cave, aka Spooky Canyon, and then we do a little drive out to the mysterious Mojave Megaphone – the giant metal structure in the middle of the desert that looks like a huge megaphone on top of a mountain. This video includes directions and GPS coordinates

Serendipity Jeep Trail In Kingman Arizona

Some video of the Rocks And Wheels 4×4 club running the Serendipity Jeep trail near Kingman Arizona. Serendipity is a difficult trail in the Hualapai Mountains that most people would rate at a 3.5 or 4 on a scale of 1-5 in difficulty. It is most often recommend that your Jeep have at least 33″

Moss Wash Jeep Trail

Jeeps off roading up and through Moss Wash in the Hualapai Mountains near Kingman Arizona on the way up to the Gold King Mansion (aka Hualapai Mansion aka Moss Mansion).

Exploring The Abandoned Navy Base at Salton Sea

Technically it’s a Naval Station, and not a Navy “Base”. Built in the 1940’s, used for atomic bomb-shape testing as part of the Manhattan Project and abandoned since the 1990’s the Salton Sea Navy Base is an incredible place to explore. We show you some of the interesting spots including The Pier, the “Power Station”,

The “Car Wash” In Joshua Tree National Park

A video walk-through of the Joshua Tree “Car Wash”. The Car wash is hidden several miles from Pinto Basin Road in Joshua Tree National Park and is accessible only by foot Nobody knows how the cars got there or why they were left in the wash making it an even more incredible find in the

The Hammers: Turkey Claw Trail

Some video clips from the Turkey Claw trail at The Hammers in Johnson Valley, home of the King of The Hammers Race. Even though Turkey Claw is a short trail, most people rate it as a “very difficult” trail and would probably recommend at least 2-3 inches of lift, 35″ tires and being locked front