BERDOO CANYON Offroad Trail Review & Free .GPX File Download

Berdoo Canyon “trail” is an old, no-longer maintained road that runs from Dillon Road in Indio/Desert Hot Springs into Joshua Tree National Park. The road is approximately 7 miles long before it changes to Geology Tour Road, however in this review and .GPX file track, we go to Squaw Tank in Joshua Tree National Park, adding approximately 12 more miles to the run.

Berdoo Canyon is an easy trail and is mostly flat, easy dirt road that any 4×4 vehicle can drive. There are a few optional “extra” credit spots that are slightly more difficult but these are off of the main road. There is one moderately difficult section of Berdoo Canyon Road that may be intimidating to new off-roaders, and may be difficult to make it thorough in some smaller/stock 4×4 vehicles but any stock Jeep or 4×4 truck with moderate clearance can make it over this section.

Berdoo Canyon Trail Start and End Locations

Free .GPX File Download: Berdoo Canyon Trail

This .GPX file begins at Dillon Rd and follows Berdoo Canyon Road to Squaw Tank in Joshua Tree National Park.

Size: 288KB
Version: V1.0
Published: May 31, 2020

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