6-Feet Canyon – 4×4 Trail In Southern California

“6-Feet Canyon” is a short, moderately difficult trail near Apple Valley in Southern California. The entrance of the canyon is a well-known camping and shooting spot, about 1/2 mile from Johnson Road but the “trail” portion continues about 1/2 mile beyond where most people stop. Near the end of the trail there is a wide turn-around area perfect for lunch or camping. The canyon continues beyond the turn-around area but gets very difficult and only extremely modified vehicles or ‘buggies’ would be able to make it past this area. Between the beginning of the trail and the turn-around spot there are two moderately difficult obstacles, and an extremely difficult (optional) “gatekeeper” line. Any well-equipped Jeep or 4×4 vehicle should be able to make it to the “turn around” section.

Scroll down for photos, video, and free .GPX file download

The “Gatekeeper” (optional hard line)
Tight Squeeze on the 6-Feet Canyon Hard Line “Gatekeeper”
First obstacle on 6-Feet Canyon
Second Obstacle on 6-Feet Canyon 4×4 Trail
6-Feet Canyon Off-Road Trail Obstacle

Entrance to 6-Feet Canyon / Start :

(click for Google Maps link): 34°35’53.9″N 117°04’10.2″W / 34.598296, -117.069503

Free .GPX File Download of 6-Feet Canyon 4×4 Trail

6-Feet Canyon Free .GPX File Download

This .GPX file track goes from the entrance of 6-Feet Canyon to the “turn around” area.  The canyon continues beyond this area but gets extremely difficult.

Size: 6KB
Version: V1.0

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/6-feet-canyon.gpx”]

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