Bringing Back The Big-C Over Rancho Cucamonga

This is a little video we did about a resident of Rancho Cucamonga (our friend Sherwood!) that decided to start the year 2021 off on the right foot by restoring the historic giant “C” on the mountain above Rancho Cucamonga and Alta Loma.

The Big C was on the hill from the 1960’s until 2002 when it was allowed to become overgrown, virtually disappearing – and nobody knows for sure if the C stands for Cucamonga or Chaffey – but, the C is back!

1 thought on “Bringing Back The Big-C Over Rancho Cucamonga

  1. Jim Thomas says:

    Thank you Sherwood and friends!!
    Takes be back to when I was attending Chaffey College in the 60’s!
    Thanks for what you’ve done for the community AND for making me feel younger just looking at it!!!


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