Cleghorn Backwards Jeep Run, October 2018

On October 20, 2018 The NotARubicon hosted the “Cleghorn Backwards” Jeep run.  We started on Highway 138, near Silverwood Lake, and went up Cleghorn Road heading West, toward Interstate 15, which is “backwards” from how most people usually run Cleghorn.  We started the day with 16 Jeeps at about 10:15AM, and finished the day, back where we started, at about 3PM.

The first 2 or 3 miles are the hardest – Going up “Hells Highway” and “Oh-Shit! Creek” is much harder than coming down, but everyone in the group made it up all the obstacles fairly easily and we had no issues all day.  Even going up “The Chute” proved almost easy for most of the group.

After going up The Chute, the entire group turned around, came back down The Chute, then headed back down the trail, through all the obstacles, finishing back on Highway 138 near Silverwood Lake, where we started.


On 3-Wheels heading up Cleghorn
On 3-Wheels heading up Cleghorn
The first obstacle on Cleghorn
The first obstacle on Cleghorn

coming down The Chute on Cleghorn trail Jeeps going up a hill on Cleghorn Jeep trail Cleghorn Jeep Trail Cleghorn Jeep Trail Cleghorn Jeep Trail Cleghorn Jeep 4x4 Trail Cleghorn offroad Trail Cleghorn Jeep Trail



  • Ken

    Excellent run, awesome pictures, and great web site, much better than Facebook.

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