The Last Bridge Run, October 2018

On October 6, 2018 The NotARubicon led a group of 140 Jeeps and trucks on “The Last Bridge Run”.  An easy run on mostly flat road from Interstate 10 near Desert Center, CA down the Red Canyon Jeep Trail to The Bradshaw Trail and south toward Salton Sea to the abandoned Eagle Mountain Railroad Trestle.

The entire Eagle Mountain Railroad is currently being dismantled, and over 50% of the rail-line has already been removed in less than one year. Because we feared that the abandoned railroad bridge will be removed as part of this project, we named this run “The Last Bridge Run”, since the bridge will likely be gone by this time next year.

We gathered at TA Truckstop in Coachella then took Interstate 10 east about 20 miles to the Box Canyon/Cottonwood exit.  From there we went about 1/4 mile to Pinto Road where we aired-down our tires to smooth out the ride.  Our vehicle count at the air-down was 134 Jeeps and trucks.  As we moved along the trail approximately 10 more Jeeps joined the group so our total count was in the neighborhood of 145 vehicles.

It only took us a few hours to reach the bridge where we stopped for lunch as everyone enjoyed the view of the bridge.  We then split the group, half heading out to the south toward Salton Sea, the other half heading north toward Desert Center.  Everyone was back on the pavement before 5PM, finishing ahead of schedule – something unheard of for a group this large.

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