Cleghorn Fire Road Trail – Full Review & Information

This page is about the fire-road portion only, of “Cleghorn Road” – to see the video reviews of the more difficult 4×4 “Off-shoots”, please see this page: Cleghorn Off-Road Trail Offshoots & Difficult Sections.

Cleghorn (2N47) is a fire-road that runs from Interstate 15 at the Cleghorn Road exit 12 miles to Highway 138, across from Silverwood Lake. The fire-road reaches a peak elevation of over 5,000 feet and often has snow in the winter/spring months, making the fire-road challenging and potentially dangerous. Most times of the year it is extremely windy near the peak and night-time temperatures can often drop well below freezing, even during mild weather.

The fire-road is graded every 2 to 3 years, usually after the rainy season and after a fresh-grade, the road is smooth and un-rutted, but each time it rains the road begins to degrade. As of 2020 The fire-road portions of Cleghorn Road are very rutted and can be challenging or difficult for inexperienced 4×4 drivers. Because of the current condition of the road only 4×4 vehicles with experienced drivers are recommended.

Cleghorn Road has several “off-shoots”. These offshoots are mini-trails that veer-off from the main dirt-road and range from a few hundred yards to a mile or so in length. These “optional off-shoots” are mostly steep, rutted hills that range in difficulty from mild to extreme – it is these off-shoots that make Cleghorn such a unique and exciting trail for off-roaders. Most of these off-shoots can be easily viewed from the main road so you can decide if you want to try it or not – however many of the longer offshoots appear flat/easy from the road but get extremely difficult the further you go – some have no possibility of turning around and once you commit to these offshoots, there is no going back. The video review below clearly points out these “no going back” off-shoots so that you can avoid (or find) them.

Cleghorn Fire Road Review Video (only the fire-road portions)

Cleghorn Fire Road Start & End Locations

Most people drive the Cleghorn fire-road from “West to East” – beginning at Interstate 15 and ending at Highway 138 near Silverwood Lake. The trail can also be run “backwards” or East to West.

Cleghorn Road (fire road portions only) .GPX Track File

This .GPX track file begins just east of interstate 15 and follows Cleghorn Road east to the end at Highway 138.  This track file is the fire-road portions only, and does not include any of the difficult off-shoot sections.

Size: 345KB
Version: V1_June_2020

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