In4LO – Season 2, Episode 2 “Beginners” – Now Available on Youtube

Spotting a full-sized Ford 4×4 Truck near Viscera Spring, Big Bear

In Episode 2 of the second season of In4LO, Grant leads a group of beginners from Pioneer Town up to the abandoned cabins near Viscera Spring in the eastern Big Bear mountains. The group consists of a Ford F-150 full-sized truck, Grant’s wife driving his Jeep Wrangler, and “THOR”, a 5-Ton military 6×6 M923 troop transport vehicle.

Grant teaches the group some important lessons in off-roading and guides them to their destination, then back – while dealing with crowded trails, making it even more challenging to maneuver THOR the 6×6 military truck through the beautiful Joshua Tree forests without causing any damage.

Watch In4LO Season 2, Episode 2 “Beginners”, below or CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE.

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