Exploring The Abandoned Navy Base at Salton Sea

Technically it’s a Naval Station, and not a Navy “Base”. Built in the 1940’s, used for atomic bomb-shape testing as part of the Manhattan Project and abandoned since the 1990’s the Salton Sea Navy Base is an incredible place to explore. We show you some of the interesting spots including The Pier, the “Power Station”, “Building A-1”, two ammo bunkers (technically, “ammo magazines”) and the building that most people aren’t aware of, the “Dogsite Building” where they loaded the dummy atomic bombs onto the planes for testing.
We show you how to get to each spot including GPS coordinates, and let you know how hard it is to get there. Due to some washed out roads and deep sand, to get into the Salton Sea Navy Base you need 4-wheel drive and good clearance – any stock Jeep can make this exploration-run easily.

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