Is Salton Sea Shrinking and Dying? Salton Sea Water Level In 2021

I drive around Salton Sea – From North Shore south, then back around to Salon City. Along the way I stop at North Shore Yacht Club, Corvina Beach, Bombay Beach, Niland Marina, Red Hill Marina, the Abandoned Navy Base, and Salton City.

At each stop I show you how high the water was in the 1970’s/1980’s, where the water was in 2015, and where the waterline is in 2021. Even I was surprised at how much the water has receded since I was here last, just a couple of years ago.

I also ‘bust’ a few myths about Salton Sea like “Salton Sea always stinks” and “you cant swim in Salton Sea”.

Click the PLAY button in the middle of the image above to watch the video

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