Mottino Wash Again!

Even though we just ran Mottino Wash a few weeks ago, The NotARubicon hit this trail again with combined groups from Wrangler Forum and City Slickers.

We ended up with 17 Jeeps on this run. Too many Jeeps for a trail this difficult, so it was a long, slow day. The trail seemed more difficult that in was last time, probably because of the two rain storms since we were here last. Our last trip was carnage-free, this trip the group was not so lucky. We had one Jeep down with a broken axel U-Joit, one Jeep with a slashed sidewall and another with TWO slashed side-walls.

When all was said-and-done it was still a great day.

Scroll to the very bottom for some video-clips.

Dog on Mottino Wash
Everyone had fun, even the dogs!

Black Jeep going over large rocks
Kids having fun while Jeeping
Jeeping while barefoot
Jeeps at Mottino Wash
White Jeep going over rocks
Spotting Jeep through rocks
Jeep Wrangler

Dog in a Jeep
Yo quiero rock-crawling!
Trail repairs
Mottino claims another victim

Jeep with flat tire at Mottino Wash


5 thoughts on “Mottino Wash Again!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jill,im sure you were very careful deb

      1. Joshua says:

        my dad said to hard lol you should talk my dad into it


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