Off Road Exploring: Golden Egg Mine and Sunset Mine in Joshua Tree

In this short video we take you to see the Sunset Mine, also known as “The Flag Building”, then over to the Golden Egg Mine. Both mines are just outside of the Joshua Tree National Park boundaries and require a 4-wheel drive vehicle.
We show you exactly how to get there, how hard it is to get to and what you will find at both mines.

Update Jan 2020: Some history of the Golden Egg Mine submitted to us via our Youtube. This is what Jerry Lockridge told us about the history of the Golden Egg:

Carl Schapel was the original owner of the Golden Egg. He lived at the mine and his house burned down. He was so well liked by the people of Twentynine Palms they rebuilt his house. The Marine Base provided water and helped with the rebuild. The new house was nice, it was a two bedroom with hardwood floors. Sadly Carl passed away at the mine. Worse yet BLM burned the house down. I think that was in the 90’s, not sure about that. There was a crusher there, a Chelian mill, a homemade shaker table, an Edsel, and a Model A frame with engine and transmission. The crusher was relocated in the 70’s. When BLM burned the house they removed everything except the mill. The original mine entrance had a T intersection, to the right led to the crusher, left followed the vein. It was possible to still see gold in the vein.

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