OK Mine Near Joshua Tree – Free GPS File Download

The OK Mine complex is an abandoned mining complex located high above the Old Dale Mining district, between Gold Crown Road and Brooklyn Mine Road, directly above Doberman Mountain Road.

From the Gold Crown/Doberman Mountain Road side there are at least two shelf-roads that lead up to the O.K. Mine mining complex – these shelf roads are very narrow and very high. The “easy” way to OK Mine is a bit longer of a drive, starting on the Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail side – The OK Mine complex is 2.2 miles from Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail via this road.

Although not overly difficult, this road is not recommend for beginners with no off-road experience and you will need 4-wheel drive with a bit of clearance to make it through the washed-out and rocky spots. Any stock Jeep Wrangler can negotiate this road, assuming the driver has some experience.

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OK Mine .GPX File

This .GPX track-file starts at the intersection of Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail and ends at the top of the OK Mine abandoned mining complex.

Size: 90kb
Version: Ver1.0_April_2021

Total distance: 6.58 mi
Max elevation: 2498 ft
Min elevation: 1412 ft

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