Old Dale Mining District

On Jan 20, 2019 The NotARubicon led a group of 19 Jeeps and 4 trucks through the Old Dale Mining district and up to the Brooklyn Mine. We consider this run to be “easy’ish” – consisting of about 90% flat, easy road, and 10% rough or rocky spots. We had several stock Jeeps/Trucks and only one had to turn back at the roughest section, near the Brooklyn Mine. Everyone else made it fairly easily.

We started at the intersection of Highway 62 and Gold Crown Road, not far from Twentynine Palms. From there we headed south into the Pinto Mountains. After making our way through the flat washes of the Old Dale Mining district we made our way across the shelf-roads of the Pinto Mountains and had lunch at the Sunset Mine – also known as “The Flag Building”. From there we continued down the mountain and into Joshua Tree National Park until we hit the intersection of Old Dale Road and Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail.

After taking a left onto Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail we exited the boundaries of Joshua Tree and continued north toward the Brooklyn Mine – passing several mines along the way, including Mission Mine, Rose of Peru Mine, and Gold Standard Mine finally reaching our destination of Brooklyn Mine – one of the largest mines in the area. After we explored the mine we went back the way we came, back through the Pinto Mountains and toward Twentynine Palms.

As luck would have it, on our way back, only a few hundred yards from the flag building not one, but two Jeeps broke down – both with the exact same issue, blown/split radiator hoses. Everyone pitched in and both Jeeps were back on the road within less than an hour, and we were able to finish the day back at Twentynine Palms just after dark, only a little behind schedule.

Below are some photos from the day, in no particular order. Click to make larger.

3 thoughts on “Old Dale Mining District

  1. James Malanowski says:

    Good day. Thanks for putting it together, Randy!

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much! Had a wonderful time! I am working on my cb!!! Hehe….


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