Safety Equipment For Your Jeep or 4×4 Vehicle

If you go off-road you need to have a least the minimum amount of gear in your 4×4 vehicle at all times. In this video I show you what I carry in the Jeep every time we go off road. This is the equipment that never leaves the Jeep.

My List of Offroad Equipment & Gear

7 thoughts on “Safety Equipment For Your Jeep or 4×4 Vehicle

  1. Kevin Graff says:

    you should show us “where” all this stuff is stored at in the Jeep

      1. Chris munoz says:

        A Snatch block and some extra shackles that’s the only thing I noticed in your video that you may not of had. make it easier to use the winch on with the snatch blocks

  2. Paul Berglund says:

    Garmin inReach Explorer. Food. I carry MRE’s with MRE heaters. Spare parts. Premier Power Welder and know how to use it along with a grinder. Just a start.

  3. Don Miller says:

    Lighter. If you get stuck and have to overnight you’re gonna want to be able to have a fire without working too hard.

  4. Mark Koller says:

    Not a recovery item but trash bags, I carry a roll with me all the time. There’s always the scum-bag that left their trash on the trail. But trash bags can be used to make water.

  5. Lisa Streator says:

    I keep the little hand warmer and toe warmer packets in my gear bag, along with a couple racquet balls for the emergency axle fix. Loved the emphasis on TP, lol!


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