Red Cloud Mine to Bradshaw Trail

This adventure began at 9AM in Coachella and didn’t end until 9PM at Salton Sea – one of the longest day-runs yet, but well worth it.

Traveling east on Interstate 10 we exited at Red Cloud Mine Road and headed south toward the Chuckwalla Mountains. As the flat dirt roads got bumpier and not long after the GPS said there was no longer any road at all, we came to our first stop, Red Cloud Mine. This mine has not been active since 2002, but has a history going back almost 120 years and there are still building remnants from about the 1930s.
Mining building at Red Cloud Mine
The last remaining building at Red Cloud Mine

After posing for a few photos and getting more than enough video footage (see the video at the bottom of the page) we continued up the canyon where we came across more mining equipment and housing for the former mine owners, include their graves.
Mining arista near Red Cloud Mine

Sitting on the poison cyanide pit at Red Cloud Mine
Jumpin Jill Hays sitting on the cyanide pit

Danuario and Carmen Figueroa grave
The graves of Danuario Figueroa and his wife Carmen

After going through a few rough areas of the trail and spotting at least 5 Chuckwalla lizards, we circled back and headed toward the old Bradshaw Trail, stopping to check the abandoned Eagle Mountain railroad line which once ran from Eagle Mountain Mine in Joshua Tree to the main line that runs along Highway 111 near Mecca at Salton Sea. The railroad trestle bridge is an amazing site and well worth the drive.
Washed out Eagle Mountain Railroad tracks
Photo of the Eagle Mountain railroad trestle
The abandoned railroad trestle


Photos by NotaARubicon and Jumpin Jill Hayes

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