Snow In Lytle Creek

It’s a well known fact that The NotARubicon does not like the snow. As a matter of fact, it hates the snow almost as much as mud and it does not see either very often.

The plan for the day was to go to the mall and buy tennis-shoes, but after seeing reports on Facebook that the snow level in Lytle Creek was low, we decided to go check it out. Tyler loves playing in the snow, and if the snow-level was low enough we would not have to risk sliding around on any shelf-roads along any high ridges – Like we did in the snow at Lytle Creek last year when going to Gobbler’s Knob.

As we rode up past the end of Lytle Creek road, just past the shooting range, we could already see patches of snow off in the distance on the mountains.  As we made it a mile or so up the dirt road, it became jammed with cars and we knew the snow had to be close.  After another 1/2 mile or so the ground was covered with snow and the dirt-road was completely jammed.  The NotARubicon took a left off the road, went through the creek and followed a mud-trail up the hill.  After only another 1/2 mile or so we found ourselves in a winter-wonderland.  A cold, wet, slippery, winter-wonderland.

NotARubicon Jeep in the snow at Lytle Creek
The NotARubicon trying to stay warm

Christina (unlike the NotARubicon) loves the snow. The first thing she did was jump out and start dancing in it. Just before she slipped and fell.

Dancing in the snow by the NotARubicon jeep
Dancing in the snow

The first thing that Tyler did was ask for help in fulfilling his life-long dream: Building a snow-man.  I pulled out the recovery shovel and we got started.Building a snow man


It took a few tries but he finally completed his “snow midget”. Not as spectacular as he had planned, but it would do.

The snow-midget we built in the snow at Lytle Creek
The snow-midget in Lytle Creek


After a few snowball fights we started to head back down the mountain.  Traffic was worse coming up the dirt road than it was a few hours earlier – there was an almost non-stop string of street cars and wanna-be offroad trucks.  As we cut back across the creek two Forest Rangers were giving an old Jeep Cherokee a ticket – probably for wheeling up and down the creek which is not permitted. Sucks for them.  We were back home in less than 30 minutes.

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