Did a run up Cleghorn Ridge with some members of the SoCal Offroad Recovery group and Wrangler Forum.  The NotARubicon was a bit worried because there is still snow in the hills and was not sure what it would run into. The NotARubicon does not like the snow!

Turns out there was very little snow and not even a lot of mud.  All of the obstacles and off-shoots were plenty dry for climbing.

Stock Jeep Wrangler on Cleghorn
Abbie did great in her stock Jeep!


Toyota going up Cleghorn
Even the Toyota got in on the fun


Jeep Cherokee in mud on Cleghorn Ridge trail
We found some mud!
Stock Jeep Wrangler in the mud at Cleghorn
Abbie hitting the mud


Jeep at the top of the mountain at Cleghorn
Beautiful views from the top of the mountain

Dog in a truck off road


Jeep Cherokee on the trail at Cleghorn Ridge


Nissan Titan going up a hill on Cleghorn
Johnny showing us how a Nissan does it


Titan going up Cleghorn off road trail
The Nissan was looking good!  You know, for a Nissan…


At the top of Cleghorn ridge
Hanging out and enjoying the view


Skull and crossbones on the rock at Cleghorn
At the top of “The Chute” before going down


Jeep coming off a steep ledge
Coming off “the ledge” on “The Chute”


Dog on the Jeep trail at Cleghorn near Silverwood Lake


Jeeps on Cleghorn trail
Lunch break at the bottom of The Chute


In the big hole at Cleghorn
Some doughnuts after lunch in the Devils Bowl


Jeep Wrangler on a off-camber section at Cleghorn trail
Abbie hugging that wall!


Truck broken down on Cleghorn Trail
Trouble on the trail

Working on a broken-down truck


Jeep Cherokee going up rocks at Cleghorn
Getting up the last rock-pile

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