The Mojave Megaphone, Afton Canyon and “Spooky Cave”

Quick video near Afton Canyon. We check out Spooky Cave, aka Spooky Canyon, and then we do a little drive out to the mysterious Mojave Megaphone – the giant metal structure in the middle of the desert that looks like a huge megaphone on top of a mountain.
This video includes directions and GPS coordinates to the Mojave Megaphone and Afton Canyon.
These are the GPS coordinates mentioned in the video. You can copy and paste these coordinates into Google Maps or Google Earth:

The starting point, just off of Interstate 15 at the Basin Road Exit:
35.096839, -116.263855
Spooky Canyon:
35.031106, -116.329966
The Mojave Megaphone:
35.006159, -116.196492

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