Trail Report for White Mountain

White Mountain (3N17) is a 7.5 mile “black diamond” (more difficult) trail in the mountains near Big Bear, overlooking Lucerne Valley. The trail is normally run from west to east starting at 4N16 and ending on 3N16, but it can also be run the opposite direction. The trail is very narrow in many areas so watch for oncoming traffic.
We ran the trail starting at 4N16 about a week after a rain/snow storm. The storm left some mud making things slippery in some areas but even when dry the dirt and sand on the hills is still very loose and difficult to keep traction on.
Not far after leaving 4N16 the flat road quickly turns rocky and starts up the steep hills and within the first 2 miles you will encounter the first difficult hill climb. At 0:24 the video incorrectly refers to 3N14 – it should read “4N16”.
There are a few more steep, loose and rocky hills to climb after that, but they all have bypass roads. Suicide Hill is the most famous and difficult of the hills. Suicide Hill is very steep and loose and at the top is very narrow and off-camber (slanted) with a ledge that drops a few hundred feet straight down.
Most of the hills can be done in a slightly lifted Jeep with no lockers but most recommend a front and rear locker for Suicide Hill, especially if there is any mud or snow on the trail. In heavy snow conditions or if there is a chance of ice on the trail it would be extremely dangerous to attempt Suicide Hill.
The White Mountain off-road trail can be done in any high-clearance vehicle with 4 wheel drive, but to do all of the hills may take a more well-equiped vehicle. It took our group just over 4 hours to travel the 7.65 miles from 4N16 to 3N16.
Inexperienced drivers should not attempt this trail and this trail should never be attempted alone.

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