What Does MYGA Mean & Why Your Comment Was Deleted

The # MYGA movement is a movement of Youtube channel owners to take-control of the comments section of their videos to Make Youtube Great Again (MYGA!)

The comments section of Youtube videos are full of misinformation, incorrect information, trolls, and idiots – but it does not have to be this way! Any Youtube video creator / channel owner can become part of the #MYGA movement by simply taking control of, and moderating the comments that people leave on their videos – deleting any of the following type of comments:


  • Hateful comments
  • Comments with inaccurate information
  • Off-topic comments or questions
  • Troll comments
  • Comments answering questions that nobody asked
  • Comments with unsolicited opinions
  • Comments that recap what was said in the video, as if they came up with it themselves
  • Comments telling everyone what “you think”, when nobody asked
  • Comments telling “your story” about something vaguely or directly related to the video, when nobody asked
  • Comments stating “you should have done it this way”, “it would have been better if…” or, “you did it wrong”
  • Comments that promote an agenda
  • Comments that, as deemed by the channel-owner are undesirable

Youtube viewers/commenters can also be part of the #MYGA movement by doing the following:

  • Respectfully replying to comments with inaccurate information, pointing out/correcting the inaccuracy with a link to the source information, and leaving the #MYGA hashtag
  • Politely leaving comments on Youtube channels suggesting that the channel-owner join the #MYGA movement and take control of the comments on their videos
  • Always leaving comments on videos that are polite, on-topic and accurate

The goal of the #MYGA movement is not to fix the stupid people or drive the trolls away from Youtube. The goal is to no longer allow this tiny minority of people to detract from the Youtube experience through the use of the comment moderation tools provided by Youtube.

Help make Youtube Great Again! #MYGA!

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