Mottino Wash 4X4 Trail Near Big Bear – Trail Information & Free .GPX Track File Download

Mottino wash is a difficult off-road trail located approximately 10.5 miles from Highway 247/Old Woman Springs Road. Mottino Wash, named after Greg Mottino who first established the trail is an offshoot of Rattlesnake Canyon. This trail is rated Black Diamond+/Very Difficult and should only be attempted by experienced off-road drivers in well equipped 4×4 vehicles.  33 inch or larger tires with at least one locker are recommended, and body damage is possible. Mottino Wash is approximately 1.8 miles long and due to the difficulty of the trail you should plan on a minimum of 4 hours to complete the trail. Much longer if you are driving a less-equipped vehicle or have a large group.

First Extra-Credit Obstacle

Most people run Mottino Wash beginning in Rattlesnake Canyon where you will find a “Gatekeeper” section, approximately 200 yards from the beginning of the trail.  The gatekeeper consists of several large rocks to get over or around and ranges from very difficult to extremely difficult, depending on recent rains and traffic.  The rest of the trail consists of several more tight squeezes, large rocks and ledges, and a few “extra credit” obstacles.  At the end of the trail is a final large, rutted ledge to climb, but there is a “go around” for this obstacle.

Mottino Wash Trail Start & Ending Locations

Free .GPX Download Of Mottino Wash Trail

Mottino Wash .GPX File Download

This .GPX track file starts just off Rattlesnake Canyon and follows Mottino Wash 1.7 miles to where the trail ends near Viscera Spring Road

Size: 59KB
Version: Version 1
Published: May 15, 2020

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