Big Bear – Gold Mountain

On February 20, 2016 The NotARubicon went with a few Jeeps from Wrangler Forum and several Jeeps and full-sized trucks from SCOR+ up to Gold Mountain in Big Bear, near Baldwin Lake.

Gold Mountain is rated as “most difficult”/Black Diamond, but the trail only has 3 or 4 difficult areas – and they aren’t very difficult.  All of the Jeeps in the group made it up each rough spot with little or no issue and even the full sized trucks eventually made it through with little or no damage. We only needed to tug/winch one truck, one time.

Even though Big Bear had a major snow storm only 10 days prior, the beginning (Highway 18) side of the mountain had no snow, but the backside did have an inch or so of melting snow on the trail – making it a bit exciting coming down the hill.


Kids on Gold Mountain
The kids were ready for some 4×4 fun
Full sized truck going up Gold Hill
Even the full-sized trucks had fun!

The NotARubicon Jeep in Big Bear at Gold Mountain

SCOR Jeep in Big Bear

Jeeps staging on Gold Mountain

Small boy having fun on Gold Mountain

Chris Munoz and Bianca Labe in Big Bear

The blue Yucaipa Jeep on Gold Mountain

Peggy Marty on Gold Mountain

Randy Brown and Christina Brown selfie

The Yucaipa Jeep

Little girl playing on the Gold Mountain off-road trail

The orange Jeep NotARubicon in the snow on the Gold Mountain off-road trail


2 thoughts on “Big Bear – Gold Mountain

  1. Lee says:

    Looks like another great run I missed, dang it. Notarubicon sure has made a transition.


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