Too Heavy For Off-Road!

Last week TheNotARubicon got a few upgrades and today took run up it’s favorite trail, Cleghorn, to test everything out.  The result? TheNotARubicon has gained too much weight!

NotARubicon Jeep at Cleghorn off-road trail
Taking a break before heading up “The Chute”

The new upgrades which include a new Warn Zeon 10S winch, heavy-duty Poison Spyder crossmember, Rock Hard fuel-tank skid, heavy-duty spare tire carrier, and XRC corner guards/armor fenders front & rear have added approximately 350 pounds to The NotARubicon!  The 1.5 inch Rock Krawler lift has obviously started to sag a bit because going over a few of the rocky areas was a bit more of a chore than when The NotARubicon was there just 10 days ago.  Going up “The Chute” and hitting the first ledge, which really has only one-line, the NotARubicon crawled right up 10 days ago.  Today, it took several attempts to get up the ledge and the poor rock rails took a beating!

Jeep TJ on Cleghorn Off-road trail
Jeff walking down The Chute after checking it out

Go On A Diet Or Go Higher?

Since going on a diet is not an option, The NotARubicon will just have to add another inch or two!  New Rock Krawler 2.5 inch springs are on the way and will be installed in a few days.

White Rubicon at Cleghorn offroad trail

Even with the dragging rock-rails, running Cleghorn (backwards) was still a great time – but The NotARubicon will be hitting it again in a week or so after installing the new springs!

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