Calico Jeep Trails: Wall Street & Doran

We took a Jeep CJ, a Jeep Cherokee XJ, a couple of Jeep Wrangler TJ’s and even a couple of 4-door Jeep JK’s to Calico’s Wall Street trail and Doran trail.

We started toward Calico from Ft. Irwin Rd, and took it directly to the Wall Street trailhead. After going through the Wallstreet “Key Hole” and the lower waterfall, we turned around and went back up the stone waterfall and back through the Keyhole. After a quick lunch at Bismark Mine we then headed down the Doran Jeep trail stopping at the “extra credit” section where the Jeep CJ and one of the TJ’s gave it a try, then we came down the large rock waterfall known as the “Salad Tosser”, through the narrow canyons then out next to the Doran Gatekeeper.

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