Top 5 Favorite Trails At The Hammers In Johnson Valley


Our Top 5 Favorite 4×4 areas and trails at The Hammers:

#5 Fissure Mountain:
One of the easiest and oldest of the Hammers trails, Fissure Mountain is named after a giant fissure that ripped across the valley in the 1992 Lander’s earthquake. The Fissure Mountain Trails is about 4 miles long and has a few rocky sections, a few very steep hills going both up and down, and one intimidating, soft, sandy hill that you’ll have to make your way down at the end. Near the beginning of the trail you will find the Steve Riffel Monument, built in memory of a fellow off-roader that lost his life here in 2005.

#4 Chocolate Thunder:
Only a few hundred yards long, Chocolate Thunder is more of a big obstacle than a trail, but that doesnt make it any less challenging. The loose sand, large rocks and steep incline make Chocolate Thunder an exciting and intimidating trail that can challenge even the best of drivers

#3 Claw Hammer:
Rated as easier than other “Hammer” named trails and only about 1 mile long, the large rocks and shelfs make Clawhammer a tough but do-able trail for most serious 4×4 vehicles.

#2 Aftershock:
Although most of the trail is not too difficult, Aftershock has one or two obstacles that will challenge just about any driver and vehicle. With it’s tight squeezes and a lot of of ledges and waterfalls, dont even think about doing this trail without a seriously upgraded vehicle.

#1 Turkey Claw:
At only about half-a-mile long, Turkey Claw is a very difficult trail for only the most experienced drivers and rigs. You will find plenty of rocks that like to move around, making the trail even more difficult. Don’t try this trail without 35” or lager tires, front and rear lockers, a winch, and at least a couple of buddies.

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