How To Talk Farther And Get More Power From A Baofeng UV-5R

In this video I show how to make sure you are getting the most power and wattage out of your Baofeng UV-5R and how to transmit as far as possible through the use of settings on the radio, using the correct antenna and by using a counterpoise.

We have been able to transmit as far as 13 miles between UV-5R walkie-talkie’s in excellent conditions and transmitting even farther is possible. Using a repeater, either HAM or GMRS can easily extend the range of your Baofeng to hundreds of miles – however bear in mind that in the United States the FCC does not permit transmitting on GMRS frequencies or repeaters while using a Baofeng UV-5R as it is not Part 95E “Type Accepted” for GMRS use.

Watch the video for more information.

Click the PLAY button in the center to learn more about how to get more range from a Baofeng UV-5R radio

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