Motorola XTS5000 vs Baofeng UV-5R – GMRS Encryption, P25, SHTF Radio & More!

The Motorola XTS5000 Model III had a price tag of over $5,000 when new. The Baofeng UV-5R ham radio has a price tag of about $30. But is the XTS-5000 worth over 100X more than a UV5R?

In this video I compare one of the most popular ham radios, the UV-5R by Baofeng to the classic, Motorola XTS5000 Model III Astro hand-held radio.

Both the Motorola and Baofeng are very popular with Preppers and people that what to be “SHTF Ready” – but what does the XTS5000 offer that a UV5R doesn’t?

The UV-5R is a simple, analog FM radio that can transmit on ham and GMRS (older UV-5R models only) bands. The XTS5000 is a combo analog/P25 digital radio that, depending on which version you purchase can transmit on ham, GMRS, and higher frequencies. In addition to transmitting in analog or P25 digital, it can also encrypt your transmissions right out of the box – no “keyloader” necessary. There is also an upgrade for AES256 encryption. The XTS-5000 can also hypothetically use encryption on GMRS channels for fully secure, encrypted radio communication on GMRS or other frequencies.

You can get more info on the Motorola XTS5000 and even purchase a refurbished Model III XTS at Kemp Wireless. Order by phone and use the discount code “NotaRubicon” !

In the video below I compare some (not all!) features of the Motorola to the Baofeng UV-5R and explain why these two handheld radios are not even in the same league.

Click the PLAY button in the center ^ to watch the video: Baofeng UV-5R vs Motorola XTS5000 Model III

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