N2Jeepz Christmas Cleghorn Jeep Run

We joined the N2Jeepz 12th annual Christmas Cleghorn Jeep Run for the 3rd year in a row to make their yearly event video. N2Jeepz is a great, family oriented group and we love going out with them, especially on Cleghorn which is our favorite trail!

There was a turnout of about 20 Jeeps and the drivers ranged from beginner to expert – there was even one in a brand new Jeep that he had never taken off-road before!

After running Cleghorn backwards the group stopped for lunch, did their prize raffle giveaway, and then did their customary photos, all doing the Captain Morgan post on their Jeep.

A couple of photos and the video we produced below:

Jeepers doing a Captain Morgan pose on their Jeep

Jeep Cherokee on Cleghorn

Diego of N2Jeepz standing on his Jeep




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