Notarubicon Canyon 4×4 Trail

We discovered a new trail not far from Calico! This new trail is just below the “Ft. Irwin Overlook” and is about 5 miles from Calico Ghost Town.

The trail was probably once a road but it looks like it has been washed out for quite a while now. Since nobody knew the name, we decided to call this new off-road trail “Notarubicon Canyon Trail“.. This trail is less than 1/2 mile long but is very steep with a lot of loose rock. There are only 3 or 4 obstacles, but each one is very steep and off camber. The trail begins on the Ft. Irwin side of the Calico Mountains a couple of miles west of Tin Can Alley Road. From the top it’s an easy dirt road back toward Calico, but getting to the top is not easy! We started with about 10 Jeeps in the group, but after everyone looked at the trail, only 4 were brave enough to give it a try.
Some people have said that this trail might be named “Full of Remorse”, but we can’t verify that. If you know this trail by another name please post a comment!

1 thought on “Notarubicon Canyon 4×4 Trail

  1. Peggy Marty says:

    Great job on the video and the driving. Lots of scary moments there. Awesome day!


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