OLD DALE ROAD Full Trail Review & Free GPS File Download

Old Dale Road runs from Highway 62 in Twentynine Palms, approximately 24 miles to Pinto Basin Road in Joshua Tree National Park. On the Twentynine Palms end, the road is named Gold Crown Road, and the name changes to Old Dale Road when crossing into Joshua Tree National Park.

Old Dale Road is an easy dirt road that is flat and wide almost the entire 24 mile length, but there are a few sandy areas and one steep and rocky section in the middle of the trail as you cross the Pinto Mountains. 4-Wheel Drive is recommended, but ground-clearance and driver-experience is more important on this trail. Vehicles with low-ground clearance will have trouble making it through the rocky sections.

Old Dale Road 4X4 Trail Start and Ending Locations

Free .GPX File Download: Old Dale Road

This .GPX track file begins at the intersection of Highway 62 and Gold Crown Road in Twentynine Palms and goes to the intersection of Old Dale Road and Pinto Basin Road in Joshua Tree National Park.

Size: 146KB
Version: V1_June_2020
Published: June 22, 2020

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