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In4LO, Season 2 Episode #1 “Combat Crawlers In4LO” is now available on Youtube for FREE viewing! (scroll to the bottom to watch!)

With Season Two of In4LO we’ve moved to a new format. We’ve dropped the “reality TV” feel of Season 1, and will be focusing more on the people, their stories, and why they love off-roading. We will also focus less on hard-core rock-crawling trails and feature trails that appeal to a wider audience – “everyman” trails. This does not mean you will never see a new In4LO episode about a hard-core rock-crawling trail, but harder trails will no longer be the focus in Season 2.

For Season 2 Episode-1 we followed a few members of the all-military-veterans Jeep club Combat Crawlers as they tackle Sidewinder Trail in the Corral Canyon offroading area in Southern California.

Grant Peters being interviewed in the Season Premier of In4LO
Grant Peters – Co Founder of Combat Crawlers

Because Sidewinder 4×4 trail is not an especially difficult offroad trail, it gives us more time to have each member tell us a little about themselves, and why they love off-roading. And why, in the case of some of these veterans, how off-roading in their Jeeps can be therapeutic. As mentioned by Grant Peters in his interview, the club [Combat Crawlers] uses off-roading as one way to help prevent veterans from committing suicide.

Keven Kelly, co-founder of Combat Crawlers helping a quad-rider up the trail in Los Pinos Peak in the Corral Canyon OHV area of Southern California.
Kevin Kelly – Co Founder of Combat Crawlers helping a fellow off-roader on the trail

Even though the Sidewinder trail is not an ‘extreme’ trail, the trail still offered plenty of challenges for the group – enough to prevent them from reaching their goal of watching a beautiful sunset from Los Pinos Peak. But this did not prevent the group of veteran off-roaders from having a great time.

You can watch In4LO Season 1 Episode 2 “Combat Crawlers In4LO” below:

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  1. Deb Paino says:

    We love the Combat Crawlers episodes! Looking forward to what you will be bringing us next. : )


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