Pinyon Mountain Trail and Sandstone Canyon

Our friend Grant let us through Pinyon Mountain Jeep Trail and Sandstone Canyon, both in Anza Borrego State Park in California.

Pinyon Mountain trail is mostly easy, flat dirt road with a few hills and four named obstacles: “The Squeeze”, “Anvil Rock”, The Waterfall, and Heart Attack Hill.

Sandstone Canyon is several miles past the end of Pinyon Mountain Trail. The trail is very scenic but has a few rough spots – We had a long day so we turned around before making it to the end of Sandstone Canyon.

2 thoughts on “Pinyon Mountain Trail and Sandstone Canyon

  1. Virgil says:

    Another Great Video. Lessons Learned: 1. Trust your spotter; 2: Secure all loose articles, including cell phones 🙂
    The tire marks on the side of the canyon wall was awesome; Nature Never Sleeps….

  2. Barry says:

    Can you do the squeeze with full width axles (Dynatrac)?


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