Stoddard Wells: Pumpkin Eater

We took a small group out to the Stoddard Wells OHV area near Barstow to check out “Pumpkin Eater”. The entire area is full of canyons and washes it is a great place for off-roading from easy to extreme. Be careful when exploring though, because many of the washes and canyons look easy, but quickly get difficult!

After watching Chad in his Jeep TJ and Rich in his 2009 JKU make it up Pumpkin Eater relatively easily we spent the next few hours exploring the washes. Below are a few photos (in no particular order). Click on the photos to view larger version.

Video of Chad (Jeep TJ) and Rich (Red Rubicon JKU) going up the Pumpkin Eater waterfall obstacle.

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  1. Keh says:

    Thanks to Randy and Alfred for an awesome run.


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