How To Set Staun Tire Deflators

Got your new Staun Tire Deflators but not sure how to adjust them or pre-set them to the tire pressure you want? It just so happens NotaRubicon Productions just created a how-to video for the Staun North American Distributor that shows just that!

The Staun “standard” tire deflators are pre-set at 18PSI. This is ok for fire-roads, but too high for deep sand or serious rock-crawling. We have our Staun deflators pre set at 10PSI which works well for most of what we do. If we are doing a seriously difficult difficult rock-crawling trail we use the Stauns to bring the pressure down to 10PSI, then manually squirt-out a few more PSI to bring the tires down to 7-8PSI.

How To Adjust or Set Staun Tire Deflators

  • STEP 1: Manually deflate a tire to the pressure you want to set your Staun Deflator to
  • STEP 2: Screw both the lock-ring and the cap of the deflator all the way down
  • STEP 3: Put the deflator on the valve stem
  • STEP 4: Unscrew the deflator cap until you just hear air start to come out, then turn it back down until the air just stops coming out
  • STEP 5: Screw up the lock ring snug against the cap – Be careful not to move the cap. Snugging the lock-ring against the cap sets and locks the deflator to the pressure of the tire
  • STEP 6: Repeat this for the other 3 deflators (dont forget to air your tire back up!)

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  1. Peggy Marty says:

    Thank you Randy. This looks pretty easy!


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