Tips for new off-roaders from our Youtube viewers

This video is a list of 12 tips for new 4×4 owners and Jeepers given to us by our Youtube viewers.

Offroading tips in this video

  • Offroading Tip 1: Always keep your thumbs on the outside of your steering wheel. “Locking” your thumbs on the inside of the wheel can result in hurting your thumb when you hit large bumps while driving off-road.
  • Off-road Tip 2: Practice off-road driving more! Learn what options and features your vehicle has, such as downhill descent, straddle deep ruts, cross ruts and ditches at an angle so you always have 3 wheels on the ground
  • Offroad Tip 3: File a “flight plan”! Always let someone know where you’re going, how you plan to get there, what time you plan to finish and were you plan on ending your off-road run. That way if you get stuck, they can send help if they never hear from you again
  • 4×4 Tip 4: Join a club! Clubs are a great way of meeting new friends, learning how to use your 4WD vehicle, and discovering new trails – however you may need to try a few different clubs before you find one that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Joining a registered club with certified trainers can help you learn even more about off-roading
  • Offroad Tip 5: Get a satellite phone or emergency locator beacon: Most off-road trails have no cellphone service, CB radios are useless for an emergency and even ham radios have limitations. A satellite phone or emergency beacon/locator can get you help from virtually anywhere on the planet.
  • Offroad Tip 6: Use a locator flag on the sand-dunes! Stay visible. If you like hitting the sand-dunes, a flag can help others see you before cresting steep dunes
  • Offroad Tip 7: Always carry a spare tire, and make sure it has air! Flat tires are one of the most common issue we encounter while offroading and hitting 4×4 trails so we always recommend having a spare tire. Check the air pressure on your spare every few months to make sure it has not gone flat
  • Offroad Tip 8: Never lose sight of the vehicle behind you. If you cant see the vehicle behind you in your rear view mirror, chances are they can’t see you either. If that person is following you and they can’t see you, they can easily get lost. Always play “the rear-view mirror” game, if you cant see the person behind you, stop, and wait for them to catch up
  • Off roading Tip 9:Always have a first aid kit! You never know when you will slip and fall and scratch your knee, twist an ankle or break a leg! Don’t rely on bandaids floating around in your glove box, get a proper first aid kit and keep it in an easy to see, and an easy to access location
  • Offroad Tip 10: Keep your distance: Always let the person in front of you get to the top of a steep hill before you begin your ascent – the same for going downhill. When crossing water, always let the person in front of you hit dry land before you begin crossing
  • Offroad Tip 11: Find good spotters, and trust them. Not everyone knows how to guide or “spot” you and your vehicles over rocks, uphills, etc, and one mistake could result in damage to your vehicle, or worse. Find a good spotter, only let one person at a time guide or spot you, and, trust that spotter
  • Offroad and 4×4 Tip 12: The most important tip for off roading and 4×4’ing: Remember to have fun! If you get stressed or frightened, stop and take a break or ask for help. The entire reason we love to go off-road is for the fun – don’t forget that!

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